Meet The Author

Djuly Fleurant, author of anD, the words from a broken girl, went back in time to share the most detrimental parts of her childhood. Djuly wrote and self-published her memoir on her 21st birthday to help her come to full terms with her past to unlearn and break her generational trauma, to grow and heal as an individual. Djuly felt it was a necessary step to take in this next phase in her life. 

More importantly, Djuly published her memoir as a way to help others feel seen, heard, and validated for the experiences they've been through. Djuly understands that her story is not unique and many people go through similar things, yet no one ever talks about it. Djuly's goal is to create a community around where others are able to freely share their stories, self-reflect, unlearn generational habits, and truly learn who they are to grow. 

Since the publication of her book, Djuly has been engaging in guest speaking engagements at different colleges, universities, and hosting book signing events to share her story in hopes of connecting with young adults learning about who they are and navigating life for the first time. 


Why "anD"?

"anD" is a conjunction used to connect words of the same part of speech, clauses, or sentences, that are taken jointly. In other words, and is never the end of a sentence. It is always continuous. As for the capital D (anD), it's used as a homage to identify the founder and CEO of the company. 

anD, the words LLC. was formed following the publication of anD, the words from a broken girl. Djuly believed her story and experiences could be used to help more than her inner child heal. It is important to her that others feel seen and validated for the experiences that they went through. Djuly hopes to be the community and support for others that she lacked growing up. The mission at anD, the words is to provide everyone with the necessary outlet to promote mental wellness and facilitate personal growth. 

Why did you self-publish?

Djuly opted for self-publishing rather than pursuing the traditional route because she wanted full control over every aspect of her book, from the cover design to the structure of the chapters, ensuring it matched her vision precisely. Additionally, she had a specific date in mind for the memoir's release: December 16, 2022, her 21st birthday. This date held significance as she aimed to shed her past of everything that was inhibiting her from moving forward before beginning the next stage of her life.

Inspired by Paul Kalanithi's When Breath Becomes Air, Djuly was motivated to reflect on her life and initiate the healing process without waiting to be on her death bed. So, she took the first step and initiative to let go of everything her inner child was holding to, to strengthen not only her relationship with herself but also with those around her.