Finally Happy

Finally Happy

Finally Happy 
By: Alexa Cervantes

Happiness. This has been a difficult emotion for me to truly feel for a large portion of my life. I have overcome many obstacles in my life regarding my family, friends, significant others, and my career path. Overcoming many different hurdles wasn’t easy and it took a toll on my mental health. I needed a place for myself that I could escape to for peace. 

I found solace in raising my dog, Brownie, and my crafting hobbies. There were days when it was too difficult to get out of bed, but there was my puppy, barking at me to let him out. I knew I needed to get up and start my day because my little guy needed me. He helped me get out of my funk and start living my life. He was my constant motivation to be better than the day before. It wasn’t just myself that I had to take care of and I needed to get it together so that Brownie and I could both enjoy life. This led me to find different things I could do to keep busy and include him in as well.  

I began crafting resin ID tags for my dog because I loved to switch up his tags and collars frequently. The first few did not turn out super well, however, I kept making them because I wanted to get better at it. My persistence allowed me to produce a greater quality pet tag than when I first attempted to make one. Once I achieved my goal of making those, I thought to myself, why just limit myself to making one object? That’s when I decided to make bookmarks. Since I began to read and learned to love it, I realized I didn’t even have a bookmark to hold my spot when I was done. I decided to design one for myself that I knew I would enjoy. 

After I started to feel comfortable with my ability to make resin creations, I embarked on a new task: add a new hobby. The new hobby I decided to start was embroidery art. This new activity was a little tough at the beginning due to the fact that I wasn’t used to working with a needle and string. It took me some time to get the hang of embroidering my pieces. Nevertheless, once I had the stitching under my fingers, it was so much fun and easy enough to keep making more designs. 

These activities have inspired me to open my own small business so that I can share my happiness with others. I would love nothing more than to produce something that can give someone else some happiness. The point of my store is to bring joy to others and inspire people to pursue what makes them happy. It was finally time for me to create something that I can call my own that can not only bring me joy, but others as well. Feel free to take a look at what I have done on my website or my Instagram @handmade_by_alexita!



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